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Floristry back to nature™

The Sustainable Floristry Network is a global industry initiative endorsed by a collective of experienced florists.

We aim to celebrate flowers and floral design with the smallest environmental footprint possible.

We believe that florists have a responsibility to celebrate and work with nature, not against it.

Our hope is to see significant change take place in the industry, from teaching institutions through to the commercial world, with the adoption of more environmentally sustainable techniques and practices.

For too long, floral foam and the use of large amounts of plastics have been considered essential components of floral design. Modern floriculture and wholesaling structures can make it difficult for florists and consumers to differentiate between imported and locally-grown, seasonal flowers and identify which flowers and foliage have been subject to post-harvest chemical treatment such as bleaching, dyeing/painting, fumigation and devitalisation.

Floral design is so heavily influenced by fashion and media now that our perception of what is natural is becoming increasingly distorted. In guiding Floristry Back to Nature, we hope that florists and consumers can become better acquainted with nature’s beauty and develop an appreciation for conservation and protection of the natural world.

Our aim is to tackle these subjects through discussion, education and scientific understanding for both florists and consumers.

We intend to launch the full website and campaign in 2020. Please SUBSCRIBE and we will let you know when the full site is live.